Mar 23, 2009

Network Marketing Leadership Wisdom

I was listening in on a very unique coaching call the other
night. The call was hosted by a gentleman that I am proud
to call one of my mentors. I also call him my Hero.

Art Jonak. If you are ever in the presence of this young man,
or you have the priviledge to hear him speak, you WILL want
to put on your listening ears AND take notes.

For he is filled with wisdom and the things he speaks just
may be the wisdom that'll push you over the edge of success.

With that being said, on this call Art had some very profound
knowledge to share with all that were in listening mode. This
teaching was so powerful, I felt the need to share it with you

He proposed a question; "Have you ever learned anything while
you were talking?" Hmmm! Art is a master teacher on Leadership
skills and he wanted to get the point across to leaders about the
importance of listening to people. Sure, everyone wants to be heard
yet, sometimes it is more important to be a listener.

He also stressed that the size of a leader, can be measured by
the size of their relationships. So the cliche' seek to understand
before we are understood rings true in the leadership arena.

Wouldn't you say ?

Art Jonak says we should ALWAYS be learning something new.
Another great piece of advice he shared was, whenever you are
in the presence of wisdom, you better be listening more than you
are talking. Great leaders are created by first being great listeners.

How would you rate you own listening skills?

Here's to great leaders!


1 comment: said...

You're right. That's why great talkers seldom become great leaders! They have no ears to listen with.