Dec 20, 2011

Your MLM Ice Breakers

Tom "big Al" Schreiter is one of my favorite mentors. The thing
I love about Tom's training is its generic and can be applied by
anyone in any company. He gives great practical skills, and he’s
very direct and to the point with the training.

In the training I heard recently, Tom focused on the importance
of having a great first sentence when meeting with a new prospect.
Can you picture this? "You’re in your prospects home, they’re
eagerly waiting to hear what you have to say about your business
opportunity, you open your mouth with the first words and
immediately everyone's sales alarm goes off!"

So what can you say to them to get them to relax, listen and be fully
engaged in your presentation? Tom says that your first sentence has
to do several things. One...It must get rid of the pyramid objection.
You know the pyramid objection we've all heard before...
“Isn’t network marketing a pyramid? Isn’t that illegal?”

Your first sentence also has to be intriguing enough that they are
interested in what you have to say. In other words you must grab
their attention. Nine times out of ten their mind is currently
occupied with questions, and your presentation will need to answer
it. That's why we need an ice breaker sentence.

Another thing Your first sentence must do is conquer the training
objection. What’s the training objection? The training objection
occurs when a prospect says or thinks “That’s too hard for me, I
can’t do network marketing! I’m not a sales person.”

MLM Ice breakers or your first sentence should inspire confidence into
your prospects. They need to immediately know that they can do this
business. Big Al is a master at inspiring others with his magical sentences.

So what’s the magic sentence that will engage your prospect, address
all these objections and build confidence in your clients? Tom
starts every presentation with this sentence "Most people
do network marketing every day, but they just don’t get paid for it.”
When he does, eight out of ten people join his business.

WHY is that? This sentence immediately taps into their subconscious
mind and they immediately think “I’m most people. I don’t need to be
trained.” “Since I already do this every day." People love to be a part
of something, so hearing "most people" makes them feel comfortable.

When you start with a great ice breaker, you’ve addressed the major
concerns of prospects and you therefore focus on the details about
your business. Business presentations will become more fun as you
master the powerful first sentence.

Tom has an array of resources that can be harnessed by network
marketers and internet marketers. Visit his website at FortuneNow.
Check out the schedule where he does his generic work shops.
You wouldn't want to miss him when he comes to your city.

We love Tom's training...Make a change today.

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