Dec 18, 2011

Know Your Destination

Do you ever ask yourself this
there more to life than this?"
We all have certain dreams and goals that we want to
reach in life don't we? Of course we do. Well, the
key to reaching our dreams and achieving our goals is
to take the same approach as we would when we are trying
to reach a certain travel destination and are unsure
of how to get there.

What do we usually do when trying to get to a certain
destination with no real knowledge of how to do so?

We grab a map and begin to study it to figure out what roads,
avenues, routes, highways, directions, we'll need to
travel on to graciously reach our destination.

What exactly is a map for when you really think about it? It's
a blueprint with true information on it that you'll use as a
reference to get from where you are to where you need to be.
A map doesn't necessarily tell you how to get to your destination;
but it provides you with factual information about locations
in that area.

Once you look at the information on the map, you can find
your starting point. And once you have that, you can figure
out what your next step is. Each step afterwards leads into
and is dependent on the next step to until you reach your
final destination.

Why do you trust the information on the map? Why is it that
you don't question if what you're looking at is factual? Think
about it, you just accept what you see and follow it - Right?

Right! to go where you wanna go you need the vehicle and
the instructions on how to use the vehicle.

Well my friends, the same holds true on the road of life. If you
want to achieve a certain goal or reach a certain destination,
you must first have a map in the form of plan that consists
of steps that are dependent on each other. And most importantly,
you must trust the system one hundred percent with zero doubt
and full trust and faith that it will work.

When you are able to do so, to (Trust in the process) you will be
able to effectively manifest the things you want out of life and
achieve your goals.

I've got good news. You don't have to sit around trying to
create a map when you need to reach a certain destination,nor
do you need to create a system to achieve your goals.

Because It's all been done for you with my Empower Network system.
Many are calling it the "System of a Genius" because it is
basically the missing piece of the success formula. It solves
all the problems of the marketers. It a system which separates
the successful people in the world from those who seem destined
to fail.

Any day you choose to, you can become part of the group of people
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To your destination,

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