Mar 26, 2008

Are Your Goals Holding You Back?

We have all been told to make all kinds of goals. Big ones,
small, reach for the stars, attainable goals, or ambitious ones,
but is that really how success works?

To get anywhere you need to know where you're going they tell
us. What if where you're going isn't where you really want to
go? Meaning most people goals aren't their own. Most are driven
by either society or family pressures.

A great majority of goal setters tend to be people pleasers.
They sacrifice their own hopes of today for something wonderful
that may happen tomorrow that will please others. Forever living
in the future. What happens with goals that aren't your own, is
you end up chasing the goal instead of achieving them. By doing
this you are setting yourself up for failure.

I want to encourage more goal free living. Learn to live in the
moment, in the now, follow your own passion, knowing that you
can change course at anytime. When someone is driven by passion,
most always they are making a contribution. That alone is

You may want to ask yourself this question. “Do I have the right
goals and am I relating to them in the right way?”

Life is unpredictable, so give up having to have control. Create
many paths for yourself and have fun. Success is about applying
creativity to every aspect of your life. Don't let someone else
goals hold you back from what you really want from life.


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