Jun 10, 2010

Train Your Mind-Like You'd Train a Dog?

Can you train your thoughts like you'd train a dog?

Does that sound ridiculous? Okay, look at it this way.
Your thoughts come from a combination of your background
and environment, life experience, and your
observations. And the way you look at each of those is entirely under your control.

You've probably noticed that things change out there in the world. Life can be very unpredictable at times. And yet the biggest
problem most people have is that they expect they will get the
same bad results in the future as they got last week or 20 years ago.

You can train your brain to think the way you want it to, to achieve
the best MLM results. And you must. Train yourself to focus better,
and you will be a different person. Set a goal of making faster
decisions. Maybe put yourself on a timer for tough decisions, so you
don't stew over them. Right or wrong, just go ahead. You will become
a more effective and happier person.

A lot of people think they need more information to make a decision.
In the real world, you often still make the wrong choice even with
a lot more information. So you're better off to just make a choice,
execute it, find out if it's right or wrong, and then keep going or
change course, based on the feedback you get from life.

That is a LOT like you'd train a dog. It's very simple. Just take the
same attitude toward your own mind. Put yourself in charge, and
tell it what to do. Your life goes a lot better that way.

[From the newsletter of Mentoring For Free]

To your success,

Rena Williams

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