Jun 17, 2010

Dream University

What are your real dreams and aspirations?
Sometimes we lose sight of our dreams, you
know put them on the back burner, so to
speak while we keep life going on.
Well, it's time to rekindle your dreams!

I just signed up for an amazing FREE event! 30 world class
teachers are going to show me how to make my dreams come true.

It’s called DreamU Camp, is sponsored by Dream University and
its all virtual. No travel required.

The lineup includes Jack Canfield, Marcia Wieder, Les Brown,
David Bach, Lynne Twist, Janet Attwood, Marci Shimoff and many more.

I wouldn’t want you to miss it, so here’s your special invitation
to sign up today:


Please join me and pass this on to friends and fellow dreamers like
us! This is free and very educational. Most of all a chance to get you
dreaming again so you will be on the right path to making those
dreams a reality. Invite someone you know and love to join in also at

Dream University Camp

Make it a great day,

Rena Williams

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