Jun 14, 2010

A Life of No Regrets

Life is like a combination lock; your job is to
find the right numbers, in the right order,
so you can have everything you want.
~Brian Tracy

Brian just gave the recipe to living a life
without regrets. What do you want your
life to look like, now and in the future? Will you be like the
poem below or will you live a life of "no regrets"?

When a man is on his deathbed, he does not say to himself, “I wish
I would have spent more time at the office” or “I wish I would
have spent more time working.”

What a man on his deathbed says to himself is this: “I wish I
would have spent more time with the people I love: my wife, my
children, and my friends. I wish I would have spent more time
living instead of working.”

You can make the latter wish a reality. That's the beauty of
network marketing and working from home. Find the right training,
the right mentors, the right 5 pillars company. Enjoy making your
dreams your reality, live a life of no regrets!

Truly caring for your success,


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