Oct 10, 2007

Belief Verses knowing

It would appear that these two words would mean exactly
the same thing. To have a belief or to believe means to regard
as true, to have faith in, or to trust in. To know is defined as
to be aware of, to recognize or have experienced.

These two simple words get misused quite frequently in
our everyday language. Strangely enough the fine line
between your belief and your knowing will determine
whether or not you'll reach your level of success
in network marketing.

You see, one can say I believe God loves me because
of this or that and would think its a knowing. Yet, it
doesn't have the same meaning or impact as the person
that says I know God loves me. The knowing
has more heartfelt energy and conviction about it.

The same holds true for the network marketer,
when asked about his belief in success. “Do you believe you
deserve success or do you know you deserve success”?

Let me tell ya, you can believe all day long that you are deserving
of success. But, until you feel it deep in your heart, you know, that
you know, you will stay stuck and not propel to your desired level
of achievement.

Although, you gotta have belief in certain things, this is true.
To be successful in life you must get into the habit of knowing
that you deserve it.

How do you rate? Do you have a belief or a knowing about your

To Your Success,
Rena Williams

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