Aug 19, 2009

Paralyzed By Fear?

Are you one who is paralyzed by fear or
empowered by hope?

Let's face it, there are many symptoms
of fear. There's the fear of loss, fear of
pain, fear of death, fear of failure,
even fear of success. The most
common fear of all that grips people
the hardest is the fear of criticism.

People will refuse to take chances in
business or act on any endeavor because they are afraid to
be criticized. They feel that failure will come about as a result
of the criticism, and usually it does.

Most people are insanely fearful. Can you imagine going through
your life being miserable and unhappy because of a mistake or
poor choice in marriage? The very act of choosing not to make
corrections because of the criticism that may come from the
efforts of correcting the mistake? It happens everyday.

The majority of society allow relatives, friends, and others to
influence their lives and any decision, so they cannot live their
own lives for fear of criticism.

One thing I know is criticism is highly over rated. Napoleon Hill
says it's the one thing that everyone has too much of. He went on
to say even a thief will criticize the very person he's stealing
from. Fear of criticism has been a long standing problem for many.
So much so that Napoleon Hill dedicated a whole section on it in
his classic book "Think and Grow Rich".

So, how do we wean ourselves from the grips of being afraid of this
fear? By learning to develop courage through hope. The Bible tells us
continuously to "Fear Not". We start by trusting and developing hope
in a power much greater than ourselves.

At Mentoring For Free we teach that network marketing is a
relationship building business. Well, so is life. The first and
foremost relationship needful is one with ourselves and our Source.

Learn to be empowered by hope. This and so much more can be
accomplished by being a part of our master mind group of like
minded people. By doing so you will discover hope for a better future
with no more fear.

To your success,

Rena Williams

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