Aug 23, 2009

Is It a Want or Need?

There is a world of difference between
and need. One attract things to
you and the other repels things away
from you. It doesn't matter if it is money,
success, relationships, or anything else.
It works exactly the same.

You see, want comes from a vibration that
says "okay, I'm happy already and I would
like to have this too."
Need sends a
vibration that says "I'm miserable
and frustrated and I need
this thing so I can be happy!"

This may appear to be something new, because you were never
taught in this manner. You were always encouraged to set the
goals, have a burning desire, and keep a positive attitude if you
want to reach your dreams. Not many teach the difference in the
vibrations of what you say you want and what you need.

I know this must sound so simple and many try to classify them as
being one in the same. But trust me they are not the same.

Have you ever noticed how some folks try so hard to get others to like
or approve of them? Maybe you have done the same yourself! This
doesn't work. The harder you try to get others to like you or if you
feel like you NEED them to like you, the less they will.

That's with anything, not just relationship. Need is a negative
emotion or vibration. So, whenever your negative need feelings
arise, just know that you are pushing away what you really want.
So quickly acknowledge those bad feelings and switch your thought
to feelings that feel good.

The reason you want to recognize the "feel bad" feelings at first sign,
is because you don't want to spend much time there. The longer you
stay in a feel bad vibration, this is where you repel your wants. The
Universe is being signal from the vibration you are holding that says
"you cannot be happy."

When you are in this state, all the affirmations, self talk, nor dream
boards are of NO effect, until you change these bad vibrations into
good vibrations.

When the things you say you want, line up with a feel good vibration,
then and only then are you on your way to reaching goals.

Get better at keeping your emotions in check, when you take part in
a Master Mind group of like minded people.

Rena Williams

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