Aug 24, 2009

Attracting or Chasing Success

In a previous article we talked a bit about the difference
between want and need. Just like there's a difference in
the two, so is it with a burning desire and a desire that
burns you.

There is definitely a balancing act between the two desires.
When you have a burning desire you are creating the right
mindset that is going to attract to you the thing you want.

However, if that desire is connected to feelings of "I'm
miserable unless I have this thing" then your desire is now
burning you.

Just like the senario of the more there's a need to be liked
by others, the less others like you. The same goes for success.
Anytime you chase success, that success will always run faster
than you will.

Your objective should be to attract success, not chase it. When
you chase success you are repelling it and you never get what
you are chasing. The attraction and repulsion forces are always
at work. Sometimes you will attract more than you repel and vice
versa. It simply depends on which force is the strongest at any
given time.

Like any other skill, you can learn to attract more than you repel.
When you change the way you are feeling, the mental picture of the
situation changes.

The key is to go through your day without resistance, as much as
possible. Next, keep your burning desire in mind, which is your

It's important that you don't expect your goal to give you happiness.
Don't let your desire for the goal burn you by feeling bad because you
don't yet have it. It is critical to be able to walk away from it
emotionally, even when you want the goal.

If you can happy even when you don't have in your possession the
thing you want, then you are attracting it to you. If you are unhappy
because you don't have in your possession the thing you NEED, then
you are repelling it.

These are the difference between attracting and chasing success.

To Your Success,


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Mike Foster said...

Happiness comes from the pursuit and desire, not the wanting and acquiring. Excellent post, thanks.