Aug 17, 2009

The Three Stages of Truth

Within every truth, you will find there are three stages.
Let's look at it from the network marketers aspect.

As a mentor and entrepreneur, I've experienced these stages
of truth and I know you have as well. I'm talking about the
days of being ridiculed, violently opposed and finally self- evidence.

When each of us first stepped out to start our own business
or undertake anything that was new or different from the masses,
we were ridiculed harshly. Whether it was by our friends, or
family members, maybe both, it was harsh.

Those people labeled you as crazy for wanting to make a better
life for yourself. They told you not to expect much, and don't
dream big and don't get your hopes up. That was being ridiculed.

Violently Opposed
As you didn't listen to the criticism and you continued to work
on reaching your dreams, you encountered much opposition.
You even began to question yourself about "is this really for me?",
"am I doing the right thing?".

Everything that can go wrong does, in order to detour you. Finally,
you start to see some results and pay off, but not nearly what you
hoped for. At this point you hold on to your dream and trust in
yourself and your ability to perform.

You went against the grain and worked hard on yourself. When you
plan, do, review and adjust your activities, things will come
together for you everytime. Inspite of all who violently opposed

Self Evidence
Final stage, you are seeing even greater results from your diligent
efforts. Things are flowing for you and people are starting to see
evidence of your success. The congratulations and accolades are
coming in because you made it through.

All of a sudden, the dream crashers are sugar coating their words,
saying "I knew YOU would make it!", or "I believed in you all along".
You are now part of the five percentage because you had staying power.

These stages could be compared to learning how to ride a bike.
At first, you will crash a few times, even lose momentum, but you
get right back up and try it again until you are riding confidently
in the breeze.

Remember, whenever you step out to pursue your dreams, there will
always be those who criticize what you do. Reason being, they are
looking through different lenses. It's the way they view the world.

So, go against the grain and make your dreams happen. Forget about
the naysayers. "heart has its reason, the mind knows nothing about."

Live your truths, let me help guide you!
MLM Truths

Rena Willaims

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