Jan 25, 2009

The Most Common Traits of Success

There is a process to being a person of a
success personality just as there's a process
for failure. Have you ever heard the saying
success breeds success? That means certain
steps must be taken before any desirable goal
can be attain in becoming a person that
exhibits a success personality.

The first trait is having a sense of direction. One must be a goal
setter. In other words you must know exactly what it is you want
and know where you are going. The goal should be something
worthwhile with a strong purpose in order to reach the goal.

Next, is understanding. A significant line of communication is
critical for the understanding of anything. Always be willing to see
the truth by weighing the facts verses the opinions.

Once the goal is set and you have a clear understanding of
situations, for then you must have courage enough to take action.
Acting is the only way to getting you closer to making your goals and
desires a reality.

Charity is another trait that successful personalities possess. They
have interest and regard for other people. Success is having dignity
to respect others and treat them as real human beings instead of a

One must have enough belief in himself before he can master this
next trait. A belief that anything is possible for himself before he
can have esteem for another. Esteem is loving oneself, and seeing
yourself as a worthy and undefeated person.

All confidence is built upon experiences of small successes. If one will
make it a habit to remembering past successes instead of past
failures, this is when strong self-confidence is developed.

Finally, there has to be self-acceptance. You must know that you are
NOT your mistakes. There can't be genuine happiness until a person
have some measure of self-acceptance.

When each of these seven traits are in operation, a person has
learned to accept themselves, which allows them to BE themselves.
This is when a powerful success type personality is created.

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