Jan 20, 2009

Common Warning Signs Of Failure

I'm a great student of personal
development. During my study,
I've come across many reasons
why people fail in their quest for success.

What's so amazing is these are
signs that are so common, one
wouldn't give them a second thought
to being connected to a failure mechanism.

Here's what I came up with. How many can you relate to?

Frustration-an emotional feeling of hopelessness. This usually
comes from setting goals that are too unrealistic.

Aggressiveness-an excessive and misdirected behavior.
Aggressiveness is good for achieving goals until one becomes
frustrated, then it becomes a destructive force.

Insecurity-these are feelings and beliefs based on false
measurements of not being good enough.

Loneliness-a chronic feeling of being cut-off from other people,
but mainly from your true self. When you don't know your real self,
contact with other human beings are not very satisfying.

Uncertainty-a way of avoiding making mistakes. It's based on the
concept “if I make No decision then nothing can go wrong”.

Resentment-blaming society for ones own failures. Always using
excuses for not moving forward and resenting others happiness
and successes.

Emptiness-may display outward symbols of success but the inner
treasure is empty. It soon becomes a justification for not living

If you find yourself experiencing these negative emotions quite often,
you might want to take immediate action to correct them.
These are sure warning signs that you may be headed for failure.

A great mentor of mine is an exceptional teacher of
personal development, and get this, he does it all for free!

Wishing you great success,


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