Oct 17, 2008

Becoming A World Changer

Becoming a world changer starts with making a decision
to make a difference. It's having a contributor's
mindset. That means knowing that people will find value
in whatever you have to offer them.

An abundance mindset would be another name for a
contributor's mindset. Its a mindset that knows wealth
can surely be created from ideas and from actions.

There's no limit to how far one can go in life. The
only limitations are the ones we impose upon ourselves.
This is why it is so critical to offer things of value
to others. The old say is true "the more you help others
get what they want, the more you'll get the thing you
want". This philosophy creates a mindset of fairness.

Fairness is much more intelligent than greed or self-
sacrifice. This is why Mentoring For Free is so
effective in reaching so many people. it definitely
offers value at an unbeatable price, "free".

The founder, Michael Dlouhy has really created a
masterpiece. Those that use his system will surely take
their business to another level. He has committed
himself to traveling across the map of the U.S. and
canada to tour 41 cities within the next few months
in order to bring his teaching aand training to a wider
range of people.

Find out which city he'll be stopping in near you, along
with his wealth of knowledge. If you are destined for
success, you will want to be in at least one of these
workshops. Of course if it is just highly impossible to
make one the next best thing is to start with getting
the free ebook, Success In 10 Steps.

To find out how to come as my guest for free admission,
contact me ASAP!


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