Oct 6, 2008

Are You Living A Life Of Freedom Or Bondage?

What does freedom mean to you? Are you like the millions of people that are in a state of panic over the constantly rising price of gas? Take for instance a situation that happen in my hometown recently. Everyone that I seem to speak with was in a panic because one local gas merchant raised the price of gas to over five dollars per gallon at his place of business.

There was a stir in the city that I had never seen before. Why was this? Could it be that people feared being without their mobility? There was a fear of losing control over their lives. They feared change. A change from driving their own personal cars to now maybe having to ride a public bus for transportation or switch to riding a bike or maybe even submit to walking.

The thought of limiting their driving habits was now a huge concern.
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You can Live a Life of Freedom!

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