Oct 8, 2008

30 Day Cleanse Compares To A 30 Day Trial

One of the most difficult part of starting
any new habit is making it through the
first month. I know you'll agree with
me when I say the first few days are the
toughest. The initial thought about
changing a habit on a permanent basis creates
feelings of overwhelming fear, but to think
about it as 30 days at a time makes the task
much more smoothier.

But once you get pass the first 30 days it then becomes much
easier to keep going because at this point you have overcome
the roughest resistance.

This is why we introduce our mental cleanse as a 30 day cleanse.
Think of it in the terms of a 30 day trial period. With a thirty
day trial, instead of making a permanent commitment, you make a
temporary commitment to create a new habit.

Once the period is up you're free to quit and return to your old
ways of doing things. It's only one month out of your life.
Isn't your life worth thirty days?

So for 30 days we are going to aim at cleaning up the mind by
creating new habits. These habits will only consist of those
that serve us in positive ways.

The trial will consist of shutting off the television, staying
away from newspaper reading, radio, online negativity. You will
eliminate all the negative surroundings. This includes ridding
yourself of negative people that talk about others.

You will strive daily to consume your mind with personal growth
activities such as reading inspiring books, listening to success
seminars and only hang around and converse with like minded
people that already have the things that you want in life.

Chances are at the end of your 30 days you will find that your
ability to continue in your new habits will be much greater than
when you first started the trial. I know that you will
accomplish great results and if you are ready, why not make it a
permanent habit? Regardless, if you choose permanent or
temporary, isn't your life worth 30 days?

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