Jan 26, 2009

What Are Your Limiting Beliefs?

The case of the Rice Syndrome

I became aware of a false belief or limiting belief that has been
embedded in me for a number of years. What's so funny is I
never would have come to know about its existence had I not
been a student of personal development.

Here is what surfaced as I was cooking my Sunday dinner the
other day. I was done with everything except for the rice.
It was well on its way, when my mind took me away from what
I was doing.

I habitually lift the lid up to take a peep at the rice, not realizing
it I began to stir it. All of a sudden my mind returned me back to
the present. Out of know where I became frantic! Why was this?

A memory from the past came to light. As a young girl, I
remember watching my mother cook rice. She always said,
“don't ever stir rice while it's cooking, it will leave a hole
in it and turn out sticky”.

As I thought about the words from my mother, I then realized
just how silly that sounds. Right then and there I decided to challenge
that limiting belief. I stirred and stirred. When the rice was ready it
was perfect. It wasn't anything like what my mother told me years
ago. I now have a new belief and have eliminated one more false belief.

What are some of YOUR false beliefs that have been limiting you
without your awareness? Think hard about all the things you believe
you could not or should not do. Challenge those same behaviors and
know the truth about them.

Napoleon Hill said it best. That most of our false beliefs comes from
well meaning people like our relatives, teachers, friends, parents and
advertisements, and so on. They mean well but they are harming us
without knowing it when they force their own beliefs onto us.

I'm so thankful for my new found awareness. It illustrates perfectly
just how powerful a belief can be upon our behaviors and our ability
to do different things. I hope my confession helps to spark new
awareness in the lives of others.
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