Jan 27, 2009

Busy verses Productive

Each day as we work our home business from
home, there are many decisions to be made.
Sometimes we mistake doing busy work for
productive work. Your busyness will be
determined by your life goals.

I'm well aware that household chores need to
get done, kids need attention, the family is
hungry, advertising is a must, etc. So, how
do we handle all these things and more while
keeping our sanity?

The answer is balance. The old plan, do, review applied to our daily
lives can work wonders. When we plan our day in advance it creates
order and balance in both our personal life and business.

A very wise mentor shared with me a great plan to creating a
balanced life should consist of putting God first, family
second, and business third. So every night write out what
your tomorrow will be like using those guidelines.

If you think that checking email five times a day or more is
productivity, you might want to do some more reviewing. Start
scheduling specific times to read emails. Checking emails
is considered busy work not productive work.

Here's a tip to determine if what you're doing is productive or
just plain old busy.

Tip: Always ask yourself this question when in doubt.”Is this
that I'm doing moving me measurably closer to my goals?

To your success

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