Jan 23, 2009

Scary Policies And Procedures?

A true network marketing horror story

This is a true story of a dear friend of mine who loves the network
marketing profession. It's been a part of her life for over four years.

When she first joined her company, she knew she would be
committed to giving it her all. She was successful in building
her downline and working diligently with them. Her efforts paid
off. My friend was making money and life was good!

Suddenly, she became ill and was in need of surgery. The surgery
went well. She was released to go home for recovery, this would
amount to about six to eights weeks minimum.

It soon became pay period time with her so loved network marketing
company. My friend receives her check in the mail one Friday. With
great anticipation she rips open the envelope and became frozen with
shock. Why??

The usual nice salary she was expecting was no longer there. It had
dwendled down to almost zero. In fear, she convinced herself the
company had only made a typo error, so she rings them up. Many
questions were asked and she was blown away at the answers she

“Didn't you read your contract, in other words your policies and
procedures? It clearly states that if you don't sponsor X amount
of people each month, you don't qualify for your bonuses”. This
is what the company told her.

Sounds scary huh? Are there anything scary in your policies and
procedures? You might want to find out now rather than later

Know that the company you're building won't pull a fast one over
on you. Do the thing my friend eventually did. Get educated in
network marketing and learn of the hidden clauses.

This awareness alone will show you how to avoid the scams,
failures and frustrations so that you can be own your way to
owning your life.

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