Feb 1, 2009

Always Be A Team Player

This bit of advice can almost guarantee you
success in whatever you are undertaking.

"Be a team player".

If you are in network marketing you can
become successful by helping others. Even
if they are not on your personal team.
No one can build a successful business by themselves. You've
heard it before, if you help enough people get what they want,
you will eventually get what you want. This is being a team player
or a go-giver.

This concept also applies in your family life. It is seen all the time
in families that are most happy and successful are the ones that work
together. Each is unselfish in their decision making. They always ask
the question "how will this effect the family?" before following through.

Whether it is in business life or family, balance is necessary in all
things that we set out to accomplish. Don't work so hard in life that
you let time slip through your fingers.

The best retirement fund you can ever build is that of memories of
you and your family, business partners, and close friends. Don't
neglect those you love. Make sure you be a team player.

Learn how to become a team player!

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