Feb 23, 2009

What's Your Log Jam?

What an interesting word, log jam! I have never before
heard the word until a few weeks ago.

One of my great mentors Art Jonak was conducting our
weekly mentoring session and it consisted of talking about
leadership. He explained that many refer to log jam as
something that is stopping a person from moving forward.

Here's a suggestion. If your team isn't growing or keep falling
away from you, as a leader one may need to take a look at their
own honor, integrity and character level.

These are three traits that must be intact to climb the ladder
of leadership. Of the three, character is of the utmost importance.

Be true to yourself and your team members. Create a culture of
great character and you shall go far in life and your business.
Don't build your business on sand. Clear out the log jams and build
a strong foundation that will enable you to build your business big,
build it once and build it to pay your children's children.

To your success,

Rena Williams

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