Feb 20, 2009

Beware-Pyramid Scams!

Beware of all the pyramid scams floating around today.
Many people hear the words “get rich or guaranteed,
can't lose.” They fall prey to these lies. Don't
believe them or you may be very sorry.

As mentors, we beat the drum in our mentoring courses
telling people the importance of doing their homework
on company owners and companies they are looking to join.

We teach how to do this and a whole lot more all for free.
It can be very empowering learning How to think, instead
of what to think.

Take a look at this video of what happened to people that
were scammed out of thousands of dollars all because they
believed the lies and failed to do some homework.

May this be a warning for you and those you know to be
aware of pyramid scams. Don't Get Taken! Avoid Scams!

Get Mentored,


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