Feb 19, 2009

Make Your Telephone Work

If you spend more than five minutes a day
on the telephone you may want to learn how
to enhance your phone skills to get you better

In business you can actually make the use of the
telephone work for you. I attended a teleseminar
recently with Jean-Philippe Hulin. He has become
quite the master at building a networking empire
by the use of his telephone. He calls his technique
the Feel Good Call.

Jean-Philippe is a Frenchman who lives in Belgium.
He will travel to the United States in a few days to
tour Florida with his mentor Tom “Big Al” Schreiter.

If you live in Florida you will want to do all you can
to attend these live seminars and be a part of this
fabulous training to learn how you can make your
telephone work for you. Get all the location details
at Fortune Now.

Much Success,


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