Feb 18, 2009

A Two Minute Story

I've got a good story. It takes about two minutes.
It might make you a lot of money, it might not!

Question: If you never had to go to work again,
would that be okay?

Someone asked me that question some time ago.
My answer was, sure!, it would be great as long as
I could find a way to bring in a yearly income about
what I'm currently making.

Then, I was given some great advice that only took
about two minutes. This is what he shared:

You know how a lot of people are interested in
natural health and are now taking vitamins?
What about all the people that are dieting or
drinking energy drinks like red bull?

I listened on.

He then said, there's a five pillar company that has
real cool versions of these products that people really
like and cost about a third less the price that they are
accustom to paying. He also mentioned the products
were much healthier for people and they love them.

He really got my attention when I was told that to earn
the income I was desiring, I would need ONLY about 350
people using those products. Then I would never have to
go to work again!

Now, you probably don't know how to get 350 users of the
products, but you can learn he explained. Hey, you learned
how to drive a car, you learned how to be a parent, and even
learned how to send email. Right? So you can certainly learn
a system to get 350 people using these great products.

Then he asked me , so what's going to be easier for you?

1.Going to work everyday for the rest of your life, fighting
traffic, begging for time off for vacation? OR

2.Would it be easier to learn a SYSTEM to get 350 people
using unique life changing products?

That was a No brainer for me. Of course I chose the second
option. It makes perfect sense to learn a system that will help
me attract quality product users and life long friends unto me.

That's my story. If you are looking for a good system to use
for your business, click here to learn more.

To your success,


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