Feb 12, 2009

Secret To A Long Life

Being in the health caretaker
field, I'm at arms length with
many elderly patients. I have
such a passion for the aging
community. Most of them are
well in their 90's.
Imagine being on this earth for ninety plus years.
I began to ponder, “what's the secret to a long life?

During my evaluation, I talked with one after the other looking
for clues. I found that the elderly love talking about their younger
days in life. I also found a commonality in each individual story.
All of them only remembers the good and happy days. Nothing
negative came out of their mouth. Most seem to always have had
a kind heart.

That is exactly what authors of many personal development books
have been telling us for years. To be positive instead of negative
and to give more in value than you receive.

That's the secret. These elderly seniors are living proof. They gave
diligently of themselves, their time and heart. To both their families
and others. Even though they can no longer do the things they use to,
they are still giving by sharing life stories, smiles and laughter with
whomever will listen. Seems like a genuine recipe to follow for a
long life. Wouldn't you agree?


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