Feb 26, 2009

Development For Smart People

Mentors Stop Beating Yourself Up!

oftentimes as mentors, we become so passionate about
helping the people we choose to join our team that we
make the mistake of trying too hard to please. We usually
end up beaing ourselves up if our team members aren't
progressing steadily toward success.

Stop doing that now! Point these people to the right source,
that it. You as a mentor are not responsible for another's
success. You also are not responsible for what they do with
the materials you give them to help them succeed.

This video tells you how to acquire the knowledge you need
to succeed in this business. If you are coachable and will not
give up on yourself, you will be successful. Again you are
only responsible for your own successes in life. I can point
you in the right directions. Personal Development is a must.

Your success mentor,


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