Jul 30, 2008

Thoughts Are Things-My Review

This is My review of Chapter 1 of Napoleon
Hill's classic, Think and Grow Rich.

Our thoughts can be powerful things when
mixed with definite purpose, persistence,
and a burning desire.

In this chapter, Barnes proved to us that
thoughts can indeed be translated into riches
or any material object desired, as he thought
his way into partnership with Edison.

He had a formula that required a step by step plan.
simular to our Mentoring For Free receipe that Sarah
and Judi shared on one of our previous training call.

Barnes started with the end result in mind, which was
to become the business associate of edison. That was
(the thought and definite purpose.) next, came the

His persistence was a made up mind to stand by until
he succeeded. I've learn to never give up on the goals
I'm reaching for NO matter HOW rocky the road may
become. Hill calls this meeting with temporary defeat.

Even when it seemed like Barnes would be nothing more
than an ordinary employee, he was constantly intensify-
ing his desires to be in partnership. (this was the
burning desire)

Like the receipe of Mentoring For Free, I have to stay
consistent in thinking about the results I want. Barnes
mind was so filled with reaching his goal that it became
an obsession. He took every action necessary to achieve
what he sat out to achieve.

After months of being consistent in his thoughts, desires,
and actions, it was then that the opportinity happened.
We would call it a breakthrough or getting results.
It's no different with me. If I follow the receipe like
Barnes, I am sure to get the results I'm seeking.

I will keep that "I'll never give up, until I get what I
want attitude."

I much rather be like Barnes ANYDAY to stick to the
receipe and reach every one of my goals, instead of
being like the crew that stopped digging 3 feet away
from the jackpot of gold.

They quit only 3 feet from their breakthrough!
I will not deny myself of my dreams, goals and
aspirations by drifting off course. I will follow the
receipe and reap success.

You can get the receipe today!

Wishing You the Best,
Rena Williams

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Ms Irma said...


That is an excellent explanation and comparison between Chapter 1 of the book, Think & Grow Rich, and the Mentoring For Free System. I know both have helped me get clear on my definite purpose and they can do the same for anyone who taps into the system and follow the recipe for success.

Well done! I have bookmarked this to my favorites.

Be empowered to prosper!

Irma White