Jun 13, 2007

Review Of Think And Grow Rich Chapters

Think And Grow Rich-Chapter 8


This is a very intriguing chapter to me.
Napoleon Hill makes it very clear that the
definiteness of decision always requires courage.

Sometimes it takes great courage. He also states
that creating a habit of definite decision is the
ONLY way to master procrastination.

Most people are found to have weak decision making
muscles, meaning they don't even recognize what it
means to make a real decision. Hill says people of this
nature will fail to accumulate sufficient money for their
needs because they are too easily influenced by the
opinions of others. This leave them with NO desire of their own.

Each one of us make small decisions on a daily basis,
some times even large ones. As I stated before,
some decisions requires great courage such as the
demonstration of the 56 men who risked everything
by signing their names to a document that would clearly
bring freedom to all Americans but could also be their
death warrant by doing so.

I made a decision to do and follow through on this Mental Cleanse.
Although, my decision maynot be as severe as that of the
56 men, it has taken me a measure of courage to be
discipline enough to follow the rules and NOT just do it half
heartedly as I have done in the past.

I let the opinions of others that I knew were vibrating
on a lower or different plane influence me to quit,
put it off to do this, that, or the other with them.

I'm proud to say that I'm now on day 26 without
any interruptions or interaction with the Nay Sayers.
It's amazing getting to know me. I have made the decision
to complete this task and not keep counsel with the
nay sayers, only people that are members of a master mind group.
I Learned from this chapter that real decisions takes courage.

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