Jun 27, 2007

Your Guidance To Success

It is called by many names. Some people call it an inspiration,
others call it a hunch, some even call it creative imagination.

No matter what name we give it, It is known as the Sixth Sense.
It is Infinite Intelligence that will communicate voluntarily
without effort, or demand from an individual.

Forget about trying to explain this to someone who has not
mastered the other principles from the book. (Think & grow Rich)
It just won't register because they will have
NO knowledge or experience to compare this to.

Because understanding of the Sixth Sense comes only by
meditation through mind development from within.

The Six Sense is so incredible. It knows everything,
It is perfect. It is like having a forerunner go before you
and warns you of every danger, notify you of opportunities,
advise you when to move forward or when to stand
still. It's the temple of wisdom.

The great thing about this wisdom is that it's available to
anyone without limits and requires little effort. The only
limitation is the amount of contact you have with this
Infinite Mind.

If you contact it very little, it will produce very little for you.
If you contact it constantly with faith and belief, it can
produce conditions and events in
your life that most people will see as “miracles”.

The achievements of the nine members from Hill's group
of invisible counselors lives reflected this very truth.
Their accomplishments were looked upon by many as miracles.

Infinite Mind can be compared to a radio. When the radio
in our home is turned off we hear nothing. Yet, we know
that the music, news, drama, and information is still there.

Just because we don't hear anything doesn't
prove that the music and news are not there.
But, when we turn the radio on and tune to a station,
the radio gives out freely.

So, like the radio when we tune into the unlimited power of
the Infinite Mind and allow the conscious mind to receive the
messages, ideas, and directions it is sending out, Then we
can receive the help to solve our problems and ideas that
supply our needs.

The bottom line is Infinite wisdom and creative Spirit of God
(Sixth Sense) will always supply us with the ideas and
encouragement when all other ways and other people fail us.

As long as we are tuned to the right station.
All we have to do is relax, have enough faith to listen to
the wisdom and believe what we hear.

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