Jun 6, 2007

The Best Of Nature In Health Today

LimuPlus Verses The Competitition

Limu the prize sea plant of the South Pacific!
has been consumed by Tongans for over 3,000 years,
developing a reputation for fighting disease and
promoting good health.

There are more than 650 research studies to
confirm the many health benefits of Limu.
Find out more by visiting PubMed.gov

The science speaks for itself. LimuPlus absolutely
beats its competition over and over again.

Vitamark has had laboratories conduct a side-by-side
comparative analysis of LimuPlus.
It was proven to be the leading liquid dietary
supplement on the market, and a competing
limu moui supplement.

The results were astounding. The Fucoidan
content in LimuPlus
measured 1.82% compared to the competitor's 1.68%

The f-Fucoidan content in LimuPlus measured
a whopping 0.626% compared to others 0.0001%,
the s-Fucoidan is even more impressive.
LimuPlus measured 7.727% to competitor's 4.058%

Vitamark's LimuPlus has the edge because of
the extra's it includes such as advanced
Russian adaptogens, green tea and aloe vera making
it the obvious choice when your are looking for
the best liquid dietary supplement on the market today.

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