Aug 16, 2007

Do You know When To Relax?

Do you know when to relax? What a strange question.
Your daily commute may not seem like the appropriate time or place to try to relax, but this part of your day may sometimes be your only opportunity to take charge and regain your sanity. I would like to offer some helpful advice for making the most of your transit moments.

Let's start with exercise. While jumping jacks are obviously out of the question, you can however do a number of things to workout the stress that may be tensing your muscles. By doing shoulder rolls, neck rotations, and even just stretching your arms out in front of you will help loosen tight muscles.

Next, focus on breathing deeply. Yes, you may have doubts aboutthe driving ability of every vehicle operator in your immediate vicinity, yet that is no reason for you to roll down your window and start screaming. Instead take a few deep breaths. This will help to relax you and keep others driving foible from spiking your stress level.

Another way to relax while commuting is by listening to music. Bring along your favorite CD. Some people find that even radio commercials can sometimes be aggravating. If this is true for you, why not take advantage of what could be your only opportunity in the day to enjoy a few quiet moments alone and turn the stereo completely off.

Or maybe make this time constructive by listening to recordings on a foreign language or your favorite personal development instructor. Maybe self development messages on how to take your business to another level. The goal is to feel like you area ccomplishing something with this time, that way you're be less likely to get frustrated by the things you are not able to get done. There will be less stress over things you have no control over.

These are a few suggestions on when and how to relax. Maybe you never connected the word relax with your daily commute. If you take my advice and put these easy strategies to use, you will find your stress level to be at a more satisfying number. I also recommend another natural way that is sure to compliment the above suggestions to rid yourself of daily stress. Learn more about natural ways of releasing stress and relaxing now.


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