Aug 8, 2008

Linear Income Verses Recurring Income

I made an interesting discover about the world's statistic
as far as income goes. If you are like most people, you
have to work for a living. If you don't work you don't
get paid.

Although sad, yet it is true that about 97% of the world
fall into what I call linear income. Meaning they are
trading their time for money. That's the only way they will
get paid such as a career of a bus driver or laundry room
attendant, even doctors and lawyers. As long as they are
doing their job right then, whether its driving the bus or
seeing patients. When the job stops the money stops.

Then there's recurring income where you get paid for
doing the work right one time and being paid over and
over again for it. This would be a career of a
successful rock star like Elvis Presley. Each time his
music is purchased or being played by radio stations its
creating a royalty check for Elvis family members.

The same goes for professional sports stars like Tiger
Woods and Michael Jordan who endorses Nike sports wear.
When those Nike items are sold and advertised on their behalf
they receive royalty payments. Sounds nice doesn't it?

Which would you prefer, linear or recurring?

Well, good news if you chose recurring. Even though you
may not be talented like Elvis or have the skills of
Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan, there is still hope for
creating a recurring income.

It's through the power of network marketing.

Network marketing is sometimes known as the business
world best kept secret because CEO's and people from all
walks of life are learning to generate massive amounts
of income through the use of network marketing.

Learn the skills that will teach you to choose a business
that will be right for you and will lead you to your recurring
income. You can create your legacy with a recurring income.

A bridge to your success,


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