Aug 12, 2008

My Thoughts On Desire

A Review Of Napaoleon Hill's
Think & Grow Rich-Chpt. 2

Burning Desire

A burning desire to BE and to DO anything is the starting
point in which a dreamer takes off. In order to reach my goals,
my desires cannot be a hope or a wish it has to be a burning
desire with a definite purpose. Such as that which Barnes

He had the thought to become business partners with Edison.
That thought then became a pulsating desire until his dream
became his reality. It didn't happen over night or within a few
weeks. Nevertheless, it did happen because he stayed focused
on his desires.

Napoleon tells us that five years passed by before Barnes chance
that he was seeking made its appearance. Many give up way to
easily. When there's a burning desire, there is NO time frame.

So, the lesson learned here is never give up on a dream.
It will happen when I'm truly ready for it and believe that it can
be acquired. A desire can be so strong that it can even out wit mother
nature in some cases, it can change lives and create miracles.
One really could think and grow rich.

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