Aug 13, 2008

Is The Search For Success Killing You?

There are countless people
searching for the right keys for
success. You will find most of
them on the internet, but they
are also everywhere including
your own back yard so to speak.

Everyone's looking for the best
ways to enhance their income
and lives. I'm sure you have heard many old wise tales
about successful people and what it took for them to get there.

If your life is anything like mine was at one point, you were
probably handed a lot of limiting beliefs about success. I
clearly remember hearing a close friend of mine say that she
would never get into network marketing because everyone that
does network marketing end up losing their health.

What a bunch of crock. Talking about limiting beliefs, but I
believed that statement for a very long time. As a result I
shyed away from anyone or anything that was associated with
network marketing.

I'm here to set the record straight. I got educated on the best
ways to become successful, but not before I went through all the
hoops and sewer of the world traditional way of doing things.

Does any of these sound familiar? To be successful you must
first make a list and contact all of your family and friends?
Next, you must talk to everyone that comes within three feet of
you. Lets not forget if they can fog a mirror get them in your
business. When that no longer work buy some leads! It was like
the blind leading the blind. None of this stuff works.

After many months of spinning my wheels, I can tell you with
absolute certainty, all those lines were lies. I finally found a
group of people that taught the truth. I learned that my failure
to reach success was definitely not my fault. I received the
skills and training that was offered and I started to utilize it
in my everyday business operation. My results turned around for
the good.

So, I'm here to tell you that you don't have to do any of the
above familiar things in order to gain success. You sure don't
have to lose your health. All you have to do is get connected to
the right source. A place where true skills are taught and the
training really works. This includes a duplicatable system that
will make your success journey easy and almost effortless.

Stop listening to the hype about getting a hundred no's before
you get one yes. Or working from the break of dawn until you can
no longer keep your eyes open. With the right people, right
training, and the right system it's certain that you can gain
the success you want without killing yourself or losing your

For guidance on locating such a system, check out the free
resources at


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