Aug 22, 2008

A Recipe For Success

The way to success is using a formula in
reaching your goals to get a positive outcome.
Whether it's called a success formula or success
recipe it all starts with making a decision.
Making the decision and having the desire to do
whatever it will take to obtain the level of
success that you desire. It's not enough
to only say "I want to be successful" as so many often say. For
mere words are never enough, taking action is a must.

Acquiring success can be a rocky road so be prepared to make
some sacrifices in your life as well as putting forth the effort
to stay consistent. This is where the slight edge comes into
play. By taking the actions to do those few simple things over a
consistent period of time will absolutely guide you down the
success path.

Once you have developed a plan of action that you will carry out
daily, there should be time set aside to develop yourself
personally. It's also called personal growth or self
improvement. Whatever name you choose, make it at least 15
minutes of uninterrupted time daily to enhance yourself and your
skills. Thirty minutes would be even better.

The next ingredient is to develop a mastermind group. Get
connected with a cafrefully chosen group of like minded people.
The energy of many like minds are so much more powerful and
beneficial than one mind. A person seeking success must be will
to do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do if the end
result is to be great.

The recipe won't be complete without the use of a proven system.
If your recipe is missing this ingredient, all of the planning,
mixing, and developing will not matter because the end result is
sure to be a total flop. So, what is meant by a proven system?
It is having a system in place that no matter who uses it the
results should be the same. Positive results, duplicable and
success should be the outcome.

When a decision is made to better oneself through personal
development and you make the sacrifices that are sure to surface
when striving to reach your set goals, it is then that progress
is being made.

By being consistent with the right actions that will move you
forward,and by having the carefully chosen mastermind group,
along with a proven duplicable system you now possess the
recipe for success.

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YaYa Bowmann said...

Rena: I am delighted to find your blog and I plan to read it regularly.
I am sure you have much to share.

Prunella said...

This is great info to know.