Aug 6, 2008

YTB Travel Being Sued

For years Mentoring For Free has been educating
people and talking about companies that come and
go because of their business practices.

We teach why it is so critically important that you
are educated about what things to look for, NOT
after you join but B E F O R E you join a company.

Here's one reason why.. Here's another company, YTB,
that is being sued by the California Attorney General
for operating "a gigantic pyramid scheme"
This was just released from the Attorney General's Office:
Read All About It HERE!
This is only one that they have cracked down on.
Believe me there are many many more. Learn how
you can avoid illegal pyramid schemes like this.

The only thing it will cost you is some of your time!
Mastermind with Mentoring For Free. Absolutely Free!
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Stay alert and change your life.

All the best,
Rena Williams

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