Aug 18, 2008

Prospects Only Two Concerns

In this business called network marketing, you
have to search for prospects to join your team
in order to be successful. Once you have peaked
their interests don’t chase them away with all
the unnecessary scientific facts about your
products or company.

Too much information all at once will come
across to them as knowledge overload. The
are only two concerns on the mind of your
prospects are :

(1) Can I do this? and (2) Can you show me how?

Trust me that is all that is on your prospects
mind, when they are speaking with you. Remember,
to be brief in your presentation. This makes your
prospects feel more confident that they can do
what you’re doing. If they are more confident,
the better chance you have of them joining your

Inspite of what you have been told before,
Network Marketing is a teaching and mentoring
business not a sales business!

Learn more on how to escape failure in Network Marketing.

A Mentor With A Servant's Heart

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