Sep 4, 2008

It's Not Always What You Say!

I want to share a bit of knowledge with you that will
not only help you to build your business but, it can
help you in your personal life as well as all areas.

While attending a weekend conference this past week,
a speaker from the stage shared some important wisdom
that hit me like a ton of bricks. He said...

When you're presenting your opportunity to people,
did you know that It's not what you say? AND

It's not what you do But, it's how you make people
FEEL that makes all the difference.

People aren't really buying your opportunity,
they're buying You.

Remember MMFI -- It's what your prospects want.

MMFI = Make Me Feel Important!

Make it a habit to make your prospects feel special, important -
this will help you tremendously to grow your group.

We at Mentoring For Free will guide you all the way.
Have a Fantastic Day!


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