Sep 26, 2008

Some Unique Success Wisdom

I've heard success describe in a number of
different ways. The most unique definition
to me was defined as ...
"something that can't be bought and can
never be taken away".

This is saying success is having things like grace, integrity
and compassion. Let's not leave out dignity and honesty.
All these things possess a far greater value than obtaining
what the mass call riches such as the big house and fine cars.

Read this excert from the book: Tending the Roots of Wisdom by
Hong Ying Ming.

"Life is a long journey, but busy people make it too short;
The world is a very broad place,
But narrow minded people make it narrow-more than it should be;
Flowers dancing in the wind and moonlight in the snow are
beautiful relaxing sceneries, BUT worried people move too hectic
and miss the magic right before their eyes."

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