Sep 8, 2008

What Is Freedom To You?

Have you lost your will to dream?
Tell me, what would you do if you ever won a lottery?

Most people can't even imagine in their mind how
they would spend the money won from a lottery.
Lack of imagination. This is a rather common
problem among adults. Reason being, as children
growing up we had a rather highly developed imagination.
But when we approached school age and teen years, adults
had well planted the seed in us that we need not dream but
get serious about life.

What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom is living life with purpose!
Freedom is not having to wake up to an alarm clock but,
choosing to wake up when you are done sleeping.
Freedom is having time and money to live your life to
the fullest. Freedom is being healthy and spiritual

Now I ask you, can you see yourself having freedom in
your life? Would you like to start dreaming again and
make those dreams a reality? Let me share with you how
to become part of a mastermind team and be mentored by
a mentor that teaches you how to dream again and will
show you the best ways to own your life.

Get educated on how to learn the same secrets of the
millionaires so that you can finally own your life and
claim your freedom.

P.S. *Request your freedom magazine to take the freedom quiz

To your Freedom,

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coolingstar9 said...

We need to have dreams in life.
We need to have fulfilling life.