Sep 11, 2008

Mental Cleanse Review-Chapter 7

There is nothing but positive feedback from
people about the results they are getting
from participating in our Mental Cleanse
courses sponsored by Mentoring For Free.

List to what my good friend Bob Bassett had
to share about what he's learned from chapter
seven of Think and Grow Rich.

Hello Michael

I just looked back at my first lesson for this
chapter and found that I was struck then by
the same thing then as I am now - the idea
of becoming a 'go-giver'.

Chapter 7 must be trying to tell me something.

This time through the book, we are actually
following the instructions and saying our self
talk which includes the phrase "have fun helping
anyone and everyone ... "

We're having more fun and more success and
meeting many more people now than we did

What a great way to do business! It's not like
business at all. It's finding friends and helping
them, and as Tom says "The more problems
you solve, the more people you help, the more
successful you will be."

Bob Bassett
My thoughts on Organized Planning

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