Jul 20, 2009

Expectations-Traditional Path

In your network marketing
organization, you will find at
some point in time, each
person in your organization
will go through a stage of draw
back or uncertainty.

Now, how do I know this to be so? Because it is the traditional
path that networkers experience after joining their company.
I went through it, you went through it, as well as people on my
team. So, expect your organization members to encounter the same.

Here are the stages.

1. First is the Excitement stage. This is when they take a look
at the business and become excited because they can now see
network marketing as a way out of debt, or as a way to get the
car they've been wanting, etc. At this point they are fired up
because they see a solution to a problem.

2. Second, is the Criticism stage. They come to the point in their
business where they are not getting the results they hoped for. They
are finding no support from family and friends, none of them are
buying into their business. All they seem to get is criticism from them.

3. Last is Self Doubt stage. Now they are asking themselves the
magical questions, "what did I get myself into?" "Can I get my
back?". They seem to feel uncomfortable, this is requiring
them to grow.

When these feelings creep into your mind, don't allow them to drive
you away from your dreams. Just know that it happens to us all. Be
aware that your initial excitement is common and the criticism from
others is only a result of their own cowardness. Others become
intimidated when they see that you have dreams and they don't.

When self doubt arises, keep the faith. Most people usually call it
quits in the stage of self doubt. If you will continue to fight, you will
reach your commitment stage.

There will be highs and lows in building a business. So prepare your
team for these expectations. Winners bounce back. Winners are the
real leaders.

Rena Williams

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