Jul 15, 2009

Give Yourself Permission

Permission to Fail that is!

In order to make better decisions, we have to give ourselves
permission to fail. We have to make failure okay to experience.

I know that I'll make new mistakes in the future. But I don't
beat myself up when I make a bad decision. I forgive myself in
advance. I know that I can't predict every outcome, and I know
that I'm not perfectly aligned with the character qualities of
the man I wish to be. I accept that. It's okay. It's a good thing
really because it means I can continue learning and growing.

Failure isn't the end of the world. Every failure is a learning
experience. Failure is simply the underbelly of success.
If you don't risk failure again and again, you'll never enjoy
true success. Fake success is when you seek validation in your
titles, positions, and possessions. True success is when you can
gaze into a mirror and feel totally loved and accepted by the
conscious being looking back at you.

Compliments of Steve Pavlina
Personal Development Mentor

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