Jul 14, 2009

Success Road Is Under Construction

What's the best road to choose, Dead End or Under Construction?

Your road to success should always be under construction.
What???? Yes! If you are striving for any level of success,
never consider yourself as having already arrived.

The reason being is there's always room for growth in your
business. There's always another meeting to attend, or a
self development book to read. There's always something to
learn. Great mentors will tell you, "if you are not learning,
then you are not growing".

Real leaders are constantly putting themselves to the challenge
to move up higher and take the next step upward. Smart people
don''t talk themselves out of success.

Winning doesn't happen automatically. It requires much
preparation. You have to prepare for the opportunities to be a
winner. So, the road to success is currently under construction if
you are traveling in the right direction.

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Wishing you the happiest of construction,

Rena Williams

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