Jul 7, 2009

Three Type of People

The world consists of three types of people.
Out of the three types, there's only one that
bring about real changes in the world.

Type one is what we call Pessimists. People
that are considered pessimists are the ones
that can predict their outcomes and are usually
right. It's the type that has to see a thing
before they can believe it. I'm going to prove
you wrong no matter what type.

Type two are considered the realists. People
that are realists, never want to be embarrassed.
They would rather elect to NOT take a chance on
doing something they are uncertain of than risk
embarrassment. For this reason, a realist have
difficulty growing. They lose faith easily, and have
a high fear of loss. They have low belief.

Type three is what we call visionaries. Many of our
strong leaders fall under this category. Visionaries
are often looked upon as strange animals. They get
criticized a lot because they tend to set really high
goals and usually miss the mark. Visionaries take
a lot of heat from others and are considered as crazy
by many.

The world need more visionaries. They are known to
be great leaders. They are the only type of people
capable of creating a change in the world. Visionaries
are the people that know where they are going and how
they are gonna get there.

I do believe we can all learn more by surrounding
ourselves with more people known as visionaries.


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