Jul 1, 2009

Why Are You Doing This Business?

I've come across a lot of people who suddenly
decide to become an entrepreneur, or work a
business from home. They seem to have high
hopes of reaching certain dreams and
accomplishing rare things without answering
the billion dollar question, "why am I doing this business?"

We've all done it at some point in our careers. We hear
something that sounds exceedingly interesting, and looks
so appealing. Before we know it, we have jumped in with
both feet only to watch it crumble at the speed of light.
What happened?

More likely than not, you didn't have a big enough "why".
Skilled coaches and mentors warn us of the importance of
having a strong why. What's your why?

Your why is the reason you are doing this business in the
first place. It's the thing that initially got you to step
out on a limb to change your current circumstances toward
making your dreams a reality.

It's the reason you get up in the mornings to start your
day, working on the things that will move you closer to
those dreams. Your why has to be very clear and totally
about you.

What it cannot be is a wishy, washy hope of having money.
Money must be taken completely out of the equation and
place your focus entirely upon you and the things you
will do if time and money wasn't an issue.

Here's the one thing you can bet on. If you don't have
a strong enough "why", you won't have staying power to
stay in the game when challenges come, and they will!

By, not knowing the core reason why you are doing this
business, you will be gone like the many thousands that
didn't have a clue as to why they started on their journey
only to find themselves shipwrecked.

Search deep within and answer the question of why? If
your answer makes you emotional, BINGO, you have found
your why and the strength you will need to endure.


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