Jul 17, 2009

Before You Ever Join ANY Company

It would be wise to thoroughly read your policies and
procedures before you ever join any company. I mentor
and teach this rule of thumb to network marketers from
the start.

This one act alone could be the most important thing
you'll ever do in your network marketing career. I know
of a number of networkers who have lost everything because
they simply disregarded reading their policies and procedures.

Bad News From the Viperous Upline.

You need to make it a point to know who your upline is.
Upline can be viperous and they can get you really good.
Such as an instant of a woman in a networking company,
who became the first female to build so quickly and made
it to the top position in only a few months.

Her upline was extremely jealous and envious of her. So
naturally the upline wanted to get rid of this woman. The
woman had a fiance building in another company and things
were going really well for them. Her company found out about
the fiance's success, and because he lived in her household
it was grounds to terminate the woman.

The Claus.

There was a claus in her P & P's that stated you or anyone
in your household cannot make money from another networking
company while associated with this company. If violated you
can be terminated.

Needless to say the upline was happy to expose this bit of
news to the company. The woman's website was shut down
immediately and she never received her bonus check of $7,000
that was due her. She never even got a letter, only a phone
conversations letting her know she was no longer part of the company!

[she didn't have a clue about the claus in her p & p, she never
took the time to read them]

So, do you think it's important to read before you join?

Fact: When you joined your company, you checked a box stating that
you agreed to abide by each of those P & P's. But, I bet you never
actually read them! huh?

It's a trap that a lot of network marketing reps fall into. Don't
let it happen to you. Go find them and read them now.

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