Jul 28, 2009

Big "AL" Gives Great Advice

A member of Tom's forum had an interesting question.
Does this sound like something you'll like to ask?

I've been using a few company-provided free leads and I've also purchased leads (local market and real-time leads) with little to no success. I've also used postcard leads with no success.

Where are the best places to post my business opportunity on the internet to drive potential leads to my website? It seems like every free or economical place to post specifically says NO MLM posts or else ...

I'm trying to build my business and I'm getting very discouraged with all the hurdles out there. Any assistance and suggestions you all provide will be greatly appreciated and I thank you so very much in advance!

One more thing - my business is primarily internet and phone driven (nationally) with no face-to-face presentations.

Big Al replied on the Discussion Forum:
Leads are just people.

You have tried many types of leads, and none of the leads worked.

That's the problem. It is not the lead, it is what we say and do with the lead.

Here is my experience. When I first started, nobody was interested. Everyone I talked to was lazy, unmotivated, busy, skeptical, etc.

Hmmm, what was the common denominator here. Me!

I was at the scene of the crime every time :)

It was only after I learned the skills of what to say that my "luck" changed.

I didn't need more new leads to ruin. I just needed to say the right things.

So give yourself a test.
1. What is the first sentence you say to introduce your business to these leads? Can you write it down? Has it worked?

2. What are the sentences you use to get the leads to agree to listen to your opportunity? Can you write it down? Has it worked?

3. What "Ice Breaker" do you use to get your leads to ask you for a presentation? Can you write it down? Has it worked?
If you can't write these three things down, chances are this could be one of the problems.

We have to invest the time to learn the skills of our trade/profession. And this forum is a great place to start.

Tom's forum is a wonderful place to learn success skills.
Another great place is a our Mastermind group!

To your success,

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