Dec 9, 2009

Be A Problem Solver

Whatever business you are in, you must be the
problem solver before you will be a success.

Whatever solution you offer must always be BIGGER
than your promise. Your goal must always be sure
that all those promises you are making about your
product, your service or yourself is nothing
compared to the RESULTS you can deliver to them.

Do you know what happens when you do that? People
don't just come to you once to get their problem solved,
they will come to you again and again and again. And if
you run any kind of company I am sure you already know
how important it is for people to come to you again and again.

Having people buy from you just once will put money in
your pocket, but it will not create success or wealth. So, be
the problem solver and watch your business thrive.

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1 comment:

GroSource said...

It is truly a pleasure to connect with you. I can see where you have positively touched and helped many people and that is something thats is greater to me than winning any type of Hollywood award. ;-)